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Vacation Photo Album

I just got back from Mexico. I left May 10th, and stayed in Toronto overnight then flew into Cancun May 11. We stayed an hour outside Cancun on the Mayan Coast. It was so much fun. We stayed for 2 weeks and came back to Thunder Bay on May 25th. Im still depressed about coming back. Well here are some pictures.

This is me once I got my braids done...
Gettin' a little sun

This is me lounging by the pool one of our last days there. It was a sad sad day. The weather was absolutely gorgeous the whole time. I got my braids done the day before this pic was taken in Playa Del Carmen, a tourist town about 20 minutes from the resort.

Making Out
What a Stud


Mariachi Time
Mah Boyz were serenading me

This is the mariachi band that played in both the lobbies in the resort every night. They were pretty cool.

Mayan Ruins
Rocky Ground